• James Corbett

Ideas for Police Department's Social Media!

Modern day policing is difficult and different. So different, in fact, one could presume police and other first responders have not been challenged like they are now since the first police department was founded in the 1800s.

Blastar took note of this challenge for modern day police and other first responders. These departments need better ways to communicate with residents. The age old story has always been Officer Bob knew Lisa down the street. Now the story goes, "some officer is interacting with a random person." The human disconnect is prevalent and having a major impact on society.

First responders are constantly involved in stressful situations. It is one of the most stressful careers anyone could take on. This makes it hard for officers to be creative in how they interact with residents in person and on social media. There is real fear of how the officer will be viewed.

Well, we have come up with some make sense ways to help guide departments in their social media creation process.


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