Let us clear the smoke

What we do

We either do all of your social media marketing and no live-streaming


We do all of your social media marketing while also using our live-streaming software!

Desktop and Mobile App

We built a desktop platform where you can have control over the users of your own branded mobile application. Our marketing strategy includes working with you and not against you. We believe we can take the BULK of marketing off your hands but we believe in authenticity and transparency. These values are important in today's world. Your customers want to know who the women and men are behind the scenes making s!#$ happen.   

Live Stream solution?

Our live streaming software ensures any and all businesses or agencies can get into the live streaming game. 

Live streaming is an incredibly powerful tool for generating views, staying in touch with your audience, growing your page, and getting people to purchase or learn from you! 

Examples of who we support: 

  • Marketing agencies 

  • Solo-entrepreneurs

  • Videographers 

  • Podcasters, and

  • Of course our own clients!

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