Our Leadership

If you're looking for a fresh outlook or approach to social media outreach, we have accomplished it. We have helped businesses get there. We have helped agencies change the way they look at relationship building.

James Corbett

"An Edgecrafter" 

Whether it's hiking, cliff diving, networking, taking photos, Jiu-Jitsu, or trying out some new coffee, James wants to connect with whatever is new. 

He has helped start international youth training programs; he founded the non-profit Project Refit; has helped young entrepreneurs start-up and raise capital, and he has helped multi-million dollar businesses brand themselves successfully. 

One person even called him an "Edgecrafter". What that means is James pushes you to the limit. He makes you think. He challenges you. He wants you to succeed.

William Luong

Blastar's Gamer

William's off time is playing a game or traveling around the world attending gaming conventions. He always brings around the best board games for us to play when our important meetings are concluded.

William is a software developer and has experience building software for government agencies, social media, and (no surprise) mini-games.

William is our relaxed listener in the background who is ready to provide support to the team in anyway he can.  

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